How to come back from a sports injury stronger and fitter than ever While minimizing the risk of re-injury

After medical treatment, there is always this GAP where full training is yet not in reach. 
Find your way back – Mind the gap & build the bridge 

YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, IS

Understanding the owner’s manual for your body
in 9 weeks or less and experience how to
work with your body instead of against it

while building resilience and stamina towards peak performance at the gym, on the trail and in the game.

After your sports injury

you received a great medical treatment, hopefully. But that treatment will be coming to an end, and no matter how well you have been treated so far, nothing can prepare you for fully training again.

That GAP between end of treatmaent and fully training again needs to be bridged because it is in this phase that follow-up injuries happen. 

Sound advice is scarce in this phase. Neither the physiotherapists really know, nor the trainers.  And now it is up to you to make the tough decisions. 

How to orient yourself?
To whom to turn to get sound advice? 

They didn't deliver an owner's manual when you were born.
At school they didn't teach us, and now we are left alone again.
It's a tough situation to be in.

«I saw some excellent players who had the great misfortune of being injured. 

They were being treated and reintroduced into the practice routine, but never again were the same precisely because there was no caution or follow-up on their reinsertion in training and games.

Even at the amateur and semi-professional level, there is a big gap in monitoring of the athlete after treatment of injury.»

João Paiva, Ex-Basketball Pro

Starting over?

Tell me if this sounds familiar  – your sports life is OK but there's just something in it that's bugging you?

Yes, that's it:
you want to get back to your club, want to train with your team mates for your next match, but you just can't yet.

It’s like there's this injury holding you back. You really would love to do more, but you know from former experience that pushing a recent injury too hard could cause a follow-up injury…

And like a lion in a cage looking for an exit, you are looking for ways to heal more quickly, more completely. To train and feel fulfilled again! 

To be able to experience the camaraderie that you only can find in sports after a match working together as a team, having reached the goal!

  • 1
    "To prepare us for complete living is the function which education haS to discharge" *
    … and?  Did it deliver? Is it only my impression that school didn't support us in developing ideas and concepts that support and promote our personal health and effective, efficient and healthy movement behaviors for a life time? In today's society we are getting older - but shouldn't that rather be about adding more life to our years than about adding more years to our life?                  *Herbert Spencer
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    re-thinking our personal understanding on movement quality & movement health…
    Where can you study, develop and sharpen your understanding on quality of movement, coordination and general movement health? How could you orient and improve yourself in striving for a sound movement behavior? Who does appeal to your faculty of reasoning and latent powers of originality? What and where are the corner stones?
  • 3
    Acquiring tools and developing a skill set for a better health in movement 
    The Motion Master Academy and this course in particular provides the basics of practical applicable knowledge founded in principles of physics, anatomy, physiology in such a way that you can apply and put it to use in your everyday movement.
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    Courses such as this one i'd like to have had when i started out … 
    … but back then nobody offered courses like this. And as fas as I know and am aware of, today still there is hardly any course out there that provides you with practical and applicable knowledge, basic principles and facts, that are essential to letting you develop your understanding further.   

Sports Motion Mastery offers

10 Learning – Expeditions (lessons based on video +text + bonus-materials) which provide the training grounds for you to develop the understanding and the skills, that help you to become a Motion Master in your own right

Gaining your ends…


Duration: 1h 30m

– no matter the cost… The crucial question turns out to be: How do you treat yourself meanwhile?

Hierarchy &  Organisation


Duration: 1h 30m

human beings work best when you don't interfere. But always leaving things alone  is no real solution either…

Time Line & the 3-Part–Plan


Duration: 1h 30m

There is a confusion around movements feelings and guidance. It's messy. Where to find orientation?

Motivation yeah, but how ? 

Duration: 3h 05m

In this module, we'll take a close look at how to make the best of any situation and circumstance.

Back in the climbing gym


Duration: 2h 55m

A steep mental work out - your training, to describe movement with clarity, elegance & precision.

Three Questions 


Duration: 1h 35m

Three Questions that help you to optimize your movement plans effectively, and sustainably…

Domino effects


Duration: 1h 25m

The influence of little changes and the compound effect of those on our behavior…

What are the Motion Needs?


Duration: 1h 25m

Mastering the equilibrium is your first peak to climb.  erreichst Du den ersten Gipfel… und weiter…

What compass can we use


Duration: 1h 35m

jointly we will  layout some ideas for finding essential guide lines that might serve for orientation.

Onwards and upwards


Duration: 1h 25m

Time to celebrate? YES !  but now? How do you continue after all this work? What to focus on?

Ulf Tölle MPH

Health scientist, coach and complementary therapist.  

I know the work of Frederick Matthias Alexander for more than 35 years, and work as a coach and trainer for his work for more than 30 years. I have had the privilege to support countless individuals to take a decision afresh around movement health both in their profession and in their life that are healthier, and to stick to their decision to carry it out adn get better, e.g. how to deal with RSI repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, chronic back pain or how to achieve a better performance in sports or music. In my daily work, I notice time and again that the basics for understanding everyday movement are missing, and that people pick up on movement quality fairly quickly, once those basics are considered and understood.  

“ If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost… Now put the foundations under them.” — H.D. Thoreau.

Do you want to join the Learning-Expedition that's coming up?

Das Kurspaket enthält:

10 Learning Expeditions
From Basecamp you'll be sent out to explore the trail. Once a week you're invited to get onto your next expedition . 

Course + Bonus Materials: 

  • check lists
  • home works
  • scripts in form of PDF
  • Audio / Video

3 Private Coachings:  

  1. establishing your starting point
  2. Checking in / follow up  
  3. Next possibile steps

What others say about my courses...

Each Lesson Made My Brain Go 'aha'

One of my most important teachers in Germany was Sensei Ulfried Tölle. […]

Each lesson was one that made my brain go 'aha'. He did it every time! …I must have taken more than 20 lessons. […]

The " Aha, I get it " school is a minority in the world. Especially in Europe, it is rare. The mainstream teaching method in Europe is more vigorous, where the movements and use of the body are directly and experientially communicated using the teacher's hands as a guide to retrain the body's use. This one has immediately visible and obvious effects, changing the way you feel and use your body.

However, in my opinion, these are moments when we are put in a situation where our body changes, but our brain doesn't understand. That's why I often find myself in a situation where I don't know how to recreate the lesson afterwards.

On the other hand, in the "Aha, I get it" style that Sensei Ulf teaches, it takes time to make significant changes in the body, but the lessons "make sense".

It's also a lesson that "I can use later.
That’s what I was really looking for.

I wanted to grow autonomously.

Basil Kritzer (French Hornist & Alexander–Technique Teacher, Japan)

… body and mind not separated

“Your Workshops made quite an  impact. There are many techniques out there, that claim to change movement patterns but fail to integrate the moental processes and cognition in this re-education. The principles here are founded in modern neurophysiology and support a systemic understanding of the organism that does not separate the mind from the body.”

Silvana Azevedo (Physiotherapist)


“The work you do is a path that makes for the discovery of self-confidence in everyday life. Some things took time for me to understand. Maybe because the concept only got clear after making a "moving" experience, an experience in the movement

Motion Mastery leads to ‘Freedom’. He who knows, understands what kind of freedom I am talking about.  I cannot put that in words.”

Risomá Cordeiro (Musician in Orchestra)

I finished the Swiss Championship in 1st place…

“… beyond believe! I have come into contact with myself in a natural and simple way. No big story, just straightforward. And my results: A better perception of my body, that I can let it rest on surfaces and that I can execute a movement effectively with only half the effort. I don't have words enough to say thank you!”

Daniela Bertiriggi (Cross Country Runner / 1. place f -50)

Are the Learning Expeditions at the Academy the right thing for you?

THis course is for you

  • if you value freedom and ease of motion above anything else.
  • if you want to learn how to control and manage efficiently and effectively this incredible 'machinery' – your body.
  • if you are open enough to adopt a perspective which holds the power for true change.
  • if you are willing and eager to grapple with your own ideas and the underlying idiosyncrasies that are in conflict with the way you are made and made to move.
  • if you are not afraid of putting yourself into question and come to your own conclusions (and act on them). 
  • if you want to improve your life's quality.

This course is Not for you

  • if you are looking for the 'magic bullet' that will make everything just fine…
  • if you are hoping for a solution from outside
  • if you are looking for explanations for your problems instead of creating solutions to them
  • if rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work is an alien concept to you.
How about a guarantee?

People may have hesitations about stepping into a new program - going back and forth deciding if this is right or not, until they talk themselves out of the one thing that actually may save them from follow-up injuries, creating both a much better movement health and better quality of life.

Well… I believe in both of us committing to results. If you are willing to put yourself out there and try something new, I am willing to back you.

If by the end of the 10-week period, you have followed all of the steps in the Basecamp Expeditions, you have attended or listened to all modules, participated in the activities and you do not have developed a solid strategy to put you on the path of improving your general coordination and movement health I will keep working with you until you do —  or I'll give you a refund.

How am I able to make this offer?

Because I believe in you and I believe that you have a works ethic. And you know and I know there needs to be a change. I believe just waiting until you become a victim again of your next movement health problem showing up instead of becoming proactive is not what you'd want.

I know I can support you in setting yourself up in the best way possible to improve your movement health and coordination.
Let's do this!

These Bonus are waiting for you!

–  Gültigkeit bis 3. Juni –


3 Private Coachings

Together we will  

  • establish your personal point of departure
    for the learning expeditions
  • meet for a coaching after your 5th Learning Expedition and
  • meet for a coaching after completing the 10 Expeditions

in order to take in your feedback, but foremost to listen to your questions that came up and to help you sort the new impressions that might be unsettling and certainly are new.  


Course and Bonus Material

You'll receive  checklists, homeworks, scripts as PDF, audio files, videos and more.

Access to the "Campfire"
- a private Facebook Group*

Some years ago we started with my first time ever pariticpants this group As soon as there are enough participants again, i will pop in daily  –  to say  hello and advise or comment as required.


*We have to set up this Group afresh

Join the team!  


  • Basecamp EN
  • Lifetime Access via on-demand Download
  • Exklusive Boni
  • Guarantee


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What happens next?

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Last but not least...

The Expedition Team is getting ready for Basecamp. 

And you? are you ready?

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